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Moving Servers

Completed 31 Oct at 08:35pm CET.

ilipily. (Website) Web Server IsThisLegit (Website) HowToStake (Website)

Everything should work as per usual. Maintenance has been completed.

Posted 31 Oct at 08:35pm CET.

The move is completed. We'll monitor all the websites now for any problems.

Posted 31 Oct at 08:18pm CET.

We have solved the issue and have already moved HTS to the new server. Other websites are now following.

Posted 31 Oct at 07:46pm CET.

We're waiting on a third party to change nameservers as we can't access them. This can take up to 2 days. All websites should work as per usual in the meanwhile.

Posted 30 Oct at 12:43pm CEST.

We will postpone our maintenance to tomorrow as we're fixing some issues, all services are currently not affected and should be working as per usual.

Posted 30 Oct at 01:00am CEST.

The server backup upload takes longer than expected, we need another 1-2 hours to complete. We'll keep you updated!

Posted 30 Oct at 12:14am CEST.

We've started the move!

Posted 29 Oct at 11:00pm CEST.

We're moving all websites located on our current server to a new server. This maintenance could take up to 24 hours as we're also changing DNS records.

We'll be monitoring the move for one hour after we're finished moving.

Posted 29 Oct at 11:00pm CEST.